Papa Krause's 60th Birthday

My old man (newfound emphasis on the old) turned 60 this month! He's a very low-key, not-very-talkative, and frugal guy, so he decided he wanted a family-only camping trip to one of our favorite spots: Inks Lake State Park, which is about an hour and a half outside of Austin. I have 3 older brothers, and while our family is very close, it's not always easy to get the gang all in one place. Luckily for everyone, all 6 of us were gonna be able to make it!

Then my mom had the grand idea of inviting my dad's siblings out for the celebration, as a surprise to Pops! My mom and I were co-planning the shindig and had a Google Doc, Google Spreadsheet, and tons of correspondence with the aunts and uncles. It was set to be the surprise of the year. (Or something like that.) Tragically, I'm terrible at secrets, and while we were discussing meal-prep with my dad, I casually blurted out, "Tell Aunt Lisa to bring her homemade hummus!" Woops. So, thanks to my fat mouth, part of the surprise was ruined. BUT all 4 of my dad's brothers & sisters ended up making it out, so I like to think he was still 75% pleasantly surprised.

Anywho, I pulled together some décor I had around the apartment, bought some green tapered candles online, found some gorgeous flowers and thistle from HEB, and even did some homemade dyeing. I'm a pretty big cheeseball, so when I suggested doing matching, tie-dyed shirts in my dad's favorite color - emerald green - I figured my brothers would NOT be into it. Sure enough, they weren't. But, it was my dad's birthday, and he was on board, so how could they say no? So, Pops and I spent an afternoon dyeing 7 shirts for us (and some dip-dyed green napkins for the table), and we were ready to party.